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Tutorials for Remote Learning

How to log into a student Google account on a PC. - These are step-by-step directions on how to access all your files, Google Classroom, etc. on a device other than a Chromebook.

How to access Schoology on a student Chromebook - This is a tutorial to show parents how students log in to Schoology and find assignments.  This is from a student perspective.  Parent login is a little different.  

Directions for setting up a Parent/Guardian Account in Schoology - This PDF provides step-by-step directions for how to sign up for a Parent/Guardian account to view your student's courses, grades, and assignments.  Contact our Technology Integration Specialist, Caitlin Bays, for your personal code by emailing

How to email a teacher - Although we encourage parents and students to message a teacher through Schoology, we have noticed that sometimes messaging isn't working.  Therefore, this tutorial was made to show caregivers and students how to find a teacher's email address so he/she may be contacted.