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Westwood Chromebook Roll-Out

Westwood Middle School began handing out Chromebooks to students after returning to school from winter break in January.  At this point, the majority of students have received their Chromebooks.  The only requirements for receiving a Chromebook were for students to have a signed Acceptable Use Policy and Chromebook Agreement on file at school.  These documents verify that parents and students understand the rules and expectations of using school provided technology.  A ten dollar insurance request was made to help cover damages done through normal use.  Students on free and reduced lunch were exempt from the Chromebook payment; however, all students were issued Chromebooks regardless of financial status or payment.

Students kept their Chromebooks at school for a short period of time so they could learn how to appropriately care for and use them.  Once students became comfortable with using the Chromebooks, they were permitted to take them home.  On January 24th, students brought them home.  Each students should have taken home a Chromebook in a carrying case along with a charger.  Parents and students need to work together to an appropriate area for charging each night because students are expected to bring a fully charged Chromebook in the carrying case back to school daily.

Taking Chromebooks home allows students to have easy access to the files and work they do each day without having to log into an online server or use a USB drive.  Students are able to sync their online drives to their Chromebooks for offline use.  Other non-Google documents may also be marked for offline viewing.  Students also have the ability to access home or other WiFi connections.  However, students are expected to adhere to the rules and guidelines within the acceptable use policy when using school provided technology.  Teachers and school filters work to monitor students’ use of the internet at school.  Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor students’ use closely when using Chromebooks on home or other networks.

Information on how the Chromebooks will be used during some snow days will be coming out soon.  Teachers are already working with students to provide them lessons on the Chromebook for these days.  The Chromebook tab on this website provides additional information and tutorials on Chromebooks.  This is also where Arctic Academy information will be posted later.

For questions, concerns or problems concerning Chromebooks, please contact, Mrs. Baker, our Technology Integration Specialist by emailing luannbaker@k12.wv.us.


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